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About Skateboarding Lessons in Indianapolis, IN

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I am currently accepting new students for skateboarding lessons in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.  My approach to lessons is simple; figure out where the client would to be with their skateboarding and work towards that place by correcting physical mechanics and improving their board control.  My students see significant improvements in both their abilities and confidence in just one lesson.  That is because my lessons, unlike trick tip videos and expensive summer camps like Woodward and Point X, are 100% customized to the needs of the student. I currently teach skateboarding lessons in Noblesville, Carmel, Fishers, Lawrence, Fortville, and Indianapolis, Indiana

If you would like to know more about skateboarding lessons fill out the contact form below. PLEASE NO CAMP INQUIRIES.


1) Do You Provide Equipment?

Not at this time. Students taking lessons need to supply their own skateboard, helmet, and padding (optional).

2) Where Can I Buy Good Skateboarding Equipment

Visit Rise Skateboard Shop in Carmel, IN (126th St and Rangeline Rd) or Minus Skate Shop (54th St and Keystone) for the best equipment and the best service in the state.

3) Where Do You Teach Lessons?

I teach at local skateparks; usually Lawrence (56th and Franklin Rd), Carmel (111th & Westfield Blvd/Rangeline Rd), and Noblesville (146th & Hazeldell). All of Indianapolis’s skateparks are public, free, and outdoors. I also offer lessons at Indianapolis’s new indoor facility, Q Skatepark on the southwest side of Indianapolis

4) What Ages Do You Work With?

I’ve worked with students as young as 4 and as old as 40. Most students are between 8 and 13.

5) Do You Offer Camps?

No. Occasionally I offer free, group instruction at skateboard events in the area.

6) Do You Offer Group Lessons?

Yes. I teach up to 3 students in a group at once. Group lessons receive a per person discount.

7) How Many Lessons Does A Person Need?

This depends on the individual. Most of my students just need one or two lessons to get the basics down. Those students who want to learn specific tricks may require more.

8) What Does It Take To Become a Professional Skateboarder

“Going pro” in skateboarding is not the same as “going pro” in football or basketball. Skill and ability are still the most important factors in becoming a professional skateboarder, but marketability is equally, if not more important in this day in age. Some of the world’s most talented skateboarders have not been able to maintain careers as professionals because they lack marketability. Career skateboarders are used to sell product; equipment, shoes, clothing, etc., without the ability to do that, becoming a professional is out of the question.

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