one dollar bill american currency

Scarcity is defined as insufficiency or shortness of supply. I looked up the definition because I wanted to frame up a hypothesis I had; that in America the vast majority of people experience scarcity in one of two (and usually not both) categories, money and time. As I explored the word further I learned that […]

Artificial Intelligence Philosophy: Promote Natural Life

Wooden Robot in Nature

We’ve been hearing about artificial intelligence a lot lately. Systems like Alexa, Siri, Google Home, and more are found in millions of houses and pockets around the world. Mainstream media is constantly producing dozens of articles and features about the technology. Industry-leading enterprises are rapidly integrating it within their businesses. Movies like A Space Odyssey, […]

Is it okay to peak at 65 years old?

Older people talking on the street

Perhaps it’s always been the way of the world. Maybe it’s just the worldview presented by the media outlets I consume. It certainly seems to me that society obsesses over maximizing personal success as early in life as possible. Many parents aspire to raise elite athletes or top-tier performers by the age of 15. The […]