Throwing Too Much Away

Pile of Debris

We live in a society that frequently tosses out damaged goods. If something breaks, a household good, toy, device, etc., we throw it away and find a replacement. It’s a product of living in a consumer-centric, mass-production world. Unfortunately, I think it’s common that this approach is taken with people who are suffering from brokenness […]

Québec City in 3 Days

Montmorency Falls, Quebec City, Quebec

A few weeks ago I had the chance to visit one of the most beautiful and historic cities in North America, Québec’s provincial capital, Québec City. This gorgeous city is one of the oldest New World settlements on the continent dating back to the early 1600’s. Founded in 1608 by French explorer Samuel de Champlain, Québec City […]

J’aime Jésus


Vacations are beautiful things, right? They help switch our focus onto simple things and rejuvenate our spirits. They also cause bloggers like me to let up off the gas pedal and stop writing. I was in Montréal and Quebéc City last week on vacation and didn’t really have an opportunity (nor desire) to do much writing. […]

To Shine

earth from space

Do you ever ask yourself the question: “Am I really doing enough?” I certainly do. Here’s another question: “Am I on the right path to becoming all that I was created to be?” Maybe you’ve asked yourself that very question. I identify well with people who regularly give themselves those sorts of existential examinations.