Imagine Heaven Book Review

Imagine Heaven

My father in law lent me a copy of a book called Imagine Heaven by John Burke. The book deals with the topic of near-death experience (NDEs) and paints a picture of heaven based on real accounts of these NDEs. As you might imagine, NDE’s are an uncomfortable and skepticism-producing to discuss and analyze. Sometimes […]

The Artisan Soul Book Review

First of all, I have to start by saying that I am a huge Erwin McManus fan. My friend Robbie introduced me to McManus’s preaching back in 2008 and ever since that time, I’ve been hooked. When I heard that The Artisan¬†Soul, Erwin’s 9th book was coming out, I was immediately intrigued. Unlike many of […]

Decisive Book Review

I first heard of the Heath brothers, Chip and Dan, back in my college days when I had subscription to the well-known business magazine, Fast Company. The brothers regularly wrote columns that I found a bit quirky, thought-provoking, and absolutely fascinating. After getting hooked on their writing for the magazine, I bought a copy of […]

Onward Book Review

onward starbucks howard schultz book cover

Onward is a memoir written by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz about how the company recalibrated itself after getting too big too fast. I have incredibly mixed opinions about the coffee company. On one hand, I resent the fact that many of their products epitomize the excesses of American culture. After I went to Haiti last […]