Does Everyone Know That You Have It All Together?

We love people that seem to “have it all together.” We often gravitate towards people that exude beauty, success, and independence. We follow them on social media, quote them, buy their products, and try to emulate them. We try to project the attributes we admire in these people to others in our lives.

Think about all the social media posts you’ve made, particularly on Instagram or Facebook. Is it safe to say that most of what you’ve shared represents only the finest moments of your life? Vacation pictures? Your newest outfit? A dinner out at a trendy restaurant? A perfectly timed action shot of your favorite sport? All represent small fractions of daily living.

You probably don’t capture the bowl of Cheerios you had for breakfast. The 8 hours you spent at a desk on Wednesday doesn’t make the cut. You didn’t get a photo of the dishwasher mid-cycle either. The average, mundane moments aren’t projected. We don’t want average mundane moments to be what we’re known for.

You and I aren’t fooling everyone. Sure some people may think we live interesting lives, but others know the truth. The people we are closest to know that we don’t have it all together. They know about our flaws and our mundane moments.

I asked myself, is the way I represent myself 100% authentic (what does that even mean anyway)? Ask yourself the same question. It’s pretty scary to consider. It seems to have risk. It means giving up control, but it also means gaining freedom. I’ve certainly invested effort into appearing as though I have it together. You probably have too. It wasn’t even that I wanted to appear perfect, I just wanted to appear better than the person next to me. Maybe you have done this as well. So perhaps the question we should ask is this: Is it worth it?

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