3 Reasons Why Google’s Upcoming Adwords Enhancements are Great News For Global Marketers

Google announced several major Adwords enhancements last Tuesday that are sure to revolutionize marketing on the platform. Here’s my take on three that have the greatest opportunity for global-minded marketers.

1) New Adwords interface enhancements enable better cross-cultural discussions

doodleAs any global marketer knows, having a product business meeting with an international team is extremely difficult. Language barriers, cultural nuances, and even conflicting priorities can make such interactions less productive. I believe (and have experienced first hand) that data-centric dialogue can overcome these challenges. If Rasheed Wallace were a marketer, he might say the data don’t lie. While languages and values aren’t universal, numbers are. The enhancements to Adwords Google promises to make (and we’ve sort of seen in the Adwords app) seemingly make it much easier to facilitate these data-focused discussions. I’m not saying Adwords was bad, but any improvement almost certainly helps cross-cultural teams.

2) Mobile-based bidding is perfect for emerging markets.

The dead horse as been adequately beat when it comes to mobile adoption rates in North America or Europe. But what about people living in places like Latin America, Africa, or the Middle East who never had desktop computers to begin with and are accessing the Internet for the first time via mobile? The new mobile based bidding feature Google will launch makes it easier for marketers to build mobile-centric campaigns in these regions without having to consider desktop first. Personally, I’ve seen upwards of 75% growth in mobile searches in emerging markets just in the last year. In taking with other search experts, I feel safe in saying this isn’t an anomaly. Google recognizes that it’s time to let marketers have the option of building for mobile first, which makes this Adwords enhancement a great move in my opinion.

3) Longer text ads make marketing to other languages infinitely easier.

Talk to any English speaker working in global marketing about how their efforts to expand into German or French speaking countries is going and they’ll undoubtedly bring up the verbosity of other languages. Although Google has offered longer ads for languages like Russian or Korean, some of the most critical markets are still left with little space. By increasing the headline and description limits, Google isn’t just making information easier to get across quickly on mobile, they’re allowing better expression of ideas and content in other languages too. For marketers deeply concerned with user experience and click through rates, this Adwords enhancement is great news.


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