Quick Tip: Harness the Buyer’s Journey for Better Search Marketing

Don’t think search marketing is an essential influencing factor of consumer behavior? Think again.

Once a consumer begins experiencing a pain point, they begin researching possible solutions. This particular step in the buying journey is known as the consideration or research stage. While consumers have been turning to outside sources for product information for a long time, search engines with their accessible product specs, reviews, and more, have revolutionized this stage of making a purchase. In fact, a staggering 72% of consumers turn to Google for their research.

Research Stage Buyers Journey Google
via Pardot

Clearly search engines are a critical influencer of consumer behavior. That is precisely why it’s critical to consider their impact when planning your business’s marketing campaigns. To do this effectively, I recommend brainstorming and charting all of the ways your ideal customer might use a search engine to research the solution you are offering. Once you’ve determined what they’re after, begin developing high-quality content and messaging for each scenario. Remember, marketing material that solves a need (even if it’s something as simple as return policy info or product specs) in the most delightful and efficient way possible usually wins.

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