How Can You Reach Impossible-To-Reach Customers With Paid Search?

Let say you’re trying to use paid search ads promote physical therapy services solely to people who are claiming workman’s comp. Essentially you must reach a group of people who meet a specific requirement. You know the value paid search has in reaching and converting people like those in your target audience, but you have no idea how to limit your reach to people who meet that requirement.

the right fitThe challenge that you face it that while many people search for “physical therapy”, NO ONE (or hardly anyone) searches for” physical therapy for workman’s comp claims.”  How can you possibly reach this seemingly impossible group to reach with paid search ads beyond simply relying an extensive keyword list contain hundreds of possible PT queries?

To answer this question, we have to look at more than just keywords. We have to look at things from the end user’s perspective and think about how they can be prequalified before they even click.

For starters, you have to keep in mind that your ad is the first opportunity you have to make an impression on a potential customer the moment they search. How will people know that you only work with people filing under workman’s comp? You promote it in your ad copy. Your headline & description lines are your first step. Try including phrases like “Specialized in Workplace Accident Therapy” or “Serving Workman’s Comp Cases” or “Workman’s Comp Treatments.” These are the most obvious things you can do with your ads. Most people who see them will know that you are either specialized in workman’s comp cases and/or only work with them.

Your display URL is your next piece of real estate. If you have room in your display URL try something like The display URL string is a great place to reinforce your specific message. Try a number of word and phrase combinations that could further force users to prequalify themselves.

The final aspect of your ads you can change to prequalify users are ad extensions. Sitelinks in particular, can be used to convey your specialized focus. You could try Sitelinks that say things like “Check Eligibility” or “Programs For Workers” that once again remind users to prequalify themselves. You could also use Review and Callout extensions to include additional content that demonstrates your focus to searchers.

Getting in front of the right person can always be a challenge, but never forget what the end user sees. Targeting settings like keyword lists can go a long way, but usually your ad copy speaks louder.

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