Eleven Must Watch Video Parts From Eleven Years Ago

At some point in adulthood, usually after you complete the highest level of education you intend on pursuing, life speeds up and memories seem more distant. When I look at the list of video parts below, I think to myself, “I can’t believe that was 11 years ago.” (2003 was a great year for skate videos) The funny thing is that I’ll go to the skatepark now and there will be kids there who weren’t even born when these parts came out. It just goes to show that time flies. Nevertheless, they are classics in my book and are a must watch for any skateboarder.

#11 Ragdoll – Blackout

Ragdoll came and went way too soon. This part was a lot of fun to watch and Ragdoll single handedly made jumping down stairs onto a board cool. Must watch material.

#10 Josh Kalis – DC Video

Love Park. That is all.

#9 Rodrigo TX – Can’t Stop

Rodrigo actually had two parts that bookended a pretty heavy Bob Burnquist part in this video. At the time, Tx was doing things that no one else was on a skateboard. His ability to skate switch was unparalleled until a young Paul Rodriguez came onto the scene later in the year with a standout part in Girl’s Yeah Right. His pop was insane too.

#8 Paul Machnau – Battalion

Paul will always be one of the most underrated skateboarders of all time. I don’t know if it was because he was from Canada or because he rode for relatively disliked companies, but he never got the exposure he deserved. His fearlessness on a skateboarder came through in this part and I hope all the kids will take notice.

#7 Ryan Smith – The DC Video

Although he’s since faded from the world of skateboarding, Ryan Smith’s part in the DC video could be used as a motivation tape for any skateboarder today. The Iron Maiden song combined with some big time handrails made this video part stand the test of time.

#6 Heath Kirchart – This is Skateboarding

I still don’t know if I’ve seen a worse slam in a video part as what Heath’s part opens up with. He’s as tough as nails and it showed in this part. Andrew Reynolds’s part eclipsed this one, but if it were in any other video, Kirchart would have had the last part.

#5 Marc Johnson – Yeah Right

MJ held it down for the Chocolate team in this video. This was probably the most technical part that came out in 2003 (though you can make an argument for Koston’s part in that same video). If you weren’t an MJ fan before this video came out, that would quickly change.

#4 Andrew Reynolds – This Is Skateboarding

It feels strange putting The Boss at number four, but it’s not a knock on him, it’s evidence of how crazy 2003 was when it came to video parts. This part got me obsessed with frontside flips and Jimi Hendrix. Oh, the nollie cab down MACBA was something else.

#3 Danny Way – The DC Video

I’m not entirely sure how he did it, but Danny Way managed to reinvent vert skating and make it obsolete all in one part. Two words: Mega Ramp.

#2 Eric Koston – Yeah Right

Frosty put together a timeless part that is arguably his most iconic appearence in a skateboard video ever. Reference the “give me my wallet now” incident to any skateboarder above the age of 20 and they’ll immediately know what you’re talking about. That 360 flip noseblunt slide still stands as one of the most incredible enders ever.

#1 Mark Appleyard – Really Sorry

I have to give the number one slot to my favorite skateboarder of all time. When this dropped, like Koston’s Yeah Right part, skateboarding was instantly changed. Mark did some tricks on handrails no one had seen before.

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