Fashion is something you can see talked about all over the Internet. There are countless fashion blogs, YouTube videos, and photos highlighting some outfit or clothing item someone deems fashionable. When I’m thumbing through my Instagram app, particularly in the explore section, I see a lot of fashion posts. Many times I roll my eyes thinking “this is so materialistic.”  And I’m probably right in many cases. A strong preoccupation with things is inherently materialistic. Yet, if I said I have never cared about the outfit I was wearing, I’d be lying. Whether I’ve been materialistic or not really isn’t the point, what I’m trying to say is that there have been times when I’ve taken an interest in fashion.

Fashion Magazine
I’ve never seen this magazine before, but I’m willing to be that there are more than a few expressive people featured in it.

I can’t say I care about fashion blogs, nor do I anticipate attending a fashion show in my lifetime (unless I end up having a daughter who pursues a career in the fashion world relentlessly). I think designer brands are a waste of money and I desire contentment above gratification.


how I dress is a creative expression of many different things in my life. My outfit for the day is a blend of my emotions, beliefs, and dreams. It’s a manifestation of how I feel that day (warm vs cold, sad vs happy, energetic vs tired), what I like, what I support, what I’ve experienced, what I believe about myself, who I want to be, and much, much more. In other words, my dress is a critical outlet for me to be creative and to be myself. Perhaps you can relate.

Conversely, a criticism of my dress can often feel like an attack on my creative expression of myself, not just the clothes I have on my back. It’s important for me, as well as many others, to have as many open creative outlets as possible. A total shutdown of one of those outlets can definitely sting. I guess that’s what makes me a little more empathetic towards people who are really passionate about fashion. As expressive as I am through my wardrobe, you’d have to magnify that ten fold with someone who’s committed their whole life to fashion.

Regardless of whether you care about clothes or fashion or not, I would challenge you to consider just for a moment, that maybe what someone nearby you has on is simply a manifestation of their creativity. You might be amazed at what would come out of putting biases aside to look into this world, we don’t always think much about.

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