In the Room Are Many Doors

How many doors are you facing?

Last Sunday I was standing in the room you see above contemplating what the future had in store. I had briefly excused myself from cocktail hour when I was struck with a simple yet, intriguing metaphor that lay in front of my eyes. I front of me lay two doors, one that would take me back into a room where most everyone else was and one that would take me to an entirely different place. I had already passed through several doors to get to the room I was in and in that room were a few others who “faced” a similar set of circumstances.

Now in my life, I’ve found myself, both literally and figuratively in many rooms, each of which with at least one door. Some rooms had just one door; allowing you to move in and out, doing something in the room while you were there. Others, had several doors, each leading in a different direction, some in to rooms with more sets of doors and others in to rooms without. The figurative aspect of this is what struck me. In life, there are times where we come to a dead end and must exit the room to try something else. These are the rooms with just one door. There are times where we’re faced with a decision that involves several options; some leading to dead ends, others leading to more options. These are the rooms with multiple doors. There are also times where we’re kind of in limbo and not really going anywhere. Those are the rooms that we stay in for a time.

As I continued to dwell on my little metaphor, I wondered, “What are the doors that stand in front of me?” “Where can they take me?” “Is everyone else using them too?” and, “What should I do?” Maybe you’ve had similar thoughts. Perhaps not with door analogies, but with something else. Perhaps you’ve been in “rooms” where the only option is to back track. Or maybe you’ve been in “rooms” with infinite new options. Some are filled with others who’ve made the decisions you’re about to make. Needless to say, decisions had to be made. Now what you do with that is up to you. Maybe you’ll see things as doors and maybe you won’t, I don’t know. But if you do, maybe you’ll have a story to share.

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  1. Lindsay Coleman says:

    I love this.
    Also, have you seen the movie Temple Grandin? You should see it if you haven’t, it’s so good and inspiring. And there is a scene where someone was trying to help her and told her to see the next phase of life as a door to something new. And from then on, when she felt challenged, she’d picture the situation as a door and it helped her succeed.

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