Throwing Too Much Away

Pile of Debris

We live in a society that frequently tosses out damaged goods. If something breaks, a household good, toy, device, etc., we throw it away and find a replacement. It’s a product of living in a consumer-centric, mass-production world. Unfortunately, I think it’s common that this approach is taken with people who are suffering from brokenness too.

Brokenness, meaning the hurts and hangups that keep us from living the lives we were created for, isn’t a new phenomenon. However, its pervasiveness has become more apparent to me than ever before. I look around and see people who are hurting and in need of kindness and love at every turn. Now it’s not fair to speculate why that might be. Any assessment of another person’s issues is almost always superseded with self-righteousness (not to mention, what does it accomplish?)

What if we went about our lives intentionally tossing out every person who ever had any degree of imperfection? What if we dismissed anyone who had ever made a mistake? Obviously none of us would get very far because we’d have to start by throwing away our own selves. So how does holding others to a different standard make any sense? Quite honestly, it doesn’t. All of us, and I mean all of us, were created to be greater than our past transgressions or our current struggles, but how can anyone hope to get out of a rut without a little help and encouragement?

Chances are there is someone in your life is experiencing brokenness and doesn’t know where to turn. Have you ever considered that you might be the very person chosen to come along side that person and build them back up? If not, maybe you should. People were never meant for the scrap heap. As I’ve gotten older, there’s something very important that I’ve learned: Don’t throw away opportunities to minister and encourage others, because when you embrace them, great treasures await.

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