Good Neighbor Weekend

Good Neighbor Weekend 6

Each year my church, Northview, cancels their services on an October weekend. Not because they’re giving the pastors a weekend off, but because they’re sending the entire congregation out into the city of Indianapolis to serve along side many of our communities non profit organizations and outreach ministries. We call it Good Neighbor Weekend and it’s designed to get more people involved in ongoing volunteer work.

This year I worked along side an organization called Faith, Hope, & Love International to bring about 100 of our church members into an urban neighborhood on the near-northside of Indianapolis. Our project involved cleaning out trash and debris from some of the streets and alleys while seeking out opportunities for connecting with residents of the community. We made a lot of progress in that particular neighborhood (see some of the pictures below) and it was a lot of fun for me to be a bit of a project coordinator. I know that our group made a tremendous impact in that area today and I hope that some of them decide to stay involved with that area long term. Nevertheless it was cool to see what a few people could accomplish by working together.

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