Skateboarding Across Indiana

Skate Across Indiana

Regrettably, I haven’t done a whole lot of blogging recently. Of course there are a million and one excuses under the sun as to why that might be, but excuses don’t really hold a whole lot of water with most people. However, one of the more positive “distractions” has been what I like to call “Skate Across Indiana,” a two day, 160 mile skateboard marathon across (you guessed it) the state of Indiana.

The skateboard ride has been a dream of mine for quite sometime. After I saw a documentary on a couple of guys that rode a Segway across America called 10 MPH, I was inspired to do something similar. I wish I could say I didn’t procrastinate in getting this dream going, but eventually ideas turned into actions and here I am, a little more than a month away from what may very well be the most demanding challenge of my life.

The goal of Skate Across Indiana isn’t just to do something out of the ordinary, in fact, the main objective is to raise money for the incredible work Christian World Outreachdoes in Zambia and Zimbabwe to fight the AIDS epidemic. I chose to support CWO because I’ve seen their operations in Haiti first-hand and know that they are both effective and efficient in their efforts to make an impact in this world. I also chose them because the harsh reality of HIV/AIDS is that infects over 2 million people every year and many of those people live in sub-Saharan Africa.

Unfortunately, many of those people are stigmatized and shunned from their communities; left without hope and nowhere to turn. However, organizations like CWO work to not only prevent the spread of the virus, but also to educate both people with and without the disease on treatment, care, and healthy coexistence.

Through Skate Across Indiana, I hope to raise at least $2,000 for CWO’s efforts in Zambia and Zimbabwe. It’s certainly a huge step of faith for me as well as those who graciously choose to support the cause, but I think that faith is usually what ends up making the biggest impacts in our world. So with that being said, would you consider partnering with me in fighting the AIDS epidemic? Would you considering donating to a cause that I believe has the potential to do great things in the lives of people that are in desperate need? If you’re not sure, please pray, meditate, or dwell on it. If you would like to get involved with Skate Across Indiana, please click here for more information about the Skate Across Indiana event.

Skate Across Indiana

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