“Spring” into Adventure

flower by el frito

It seems like it was yesterday when I was talking about the end of daylight saving time for the year and getting ready for the winter ahead. Yet, I find myself just a few months later with the start of daylight saving time just a few days away. Obviously the start of daylight saving time means an extra hour of daylight, which is great news for those of us with a little thirst for adventure. 

Some people are planners and already know what adventures life has in store for them this spring. Others, like myself, tend to have a little more spontaneity in the equation. I think it’s good to be up for any road trip, camp out, or bike ride that may present itself as an opportunity. Of course you can’t say yes to every invitation or every call to do that sort of thing, but embracing opportunities regularly can lead to incredible experiences. I think back to last year, when I took a solo backpacking trip in the Daniel Boone National Forest having decided to do so just a few days before I left. Saying yes to the tug of travel allowed me to form some great memories.

This spring most of us will have the opportunity to experience some awesome adventures thanks to crazy ideas that pop into our heads or an invitation from a friend that is just too good to ignore. And what I guess I’m trying to say is, don’t miss that opportunity. Be a little spontaneous and allow yourself the thrill of adventure that might be lying in store for you just a little ways down the road.

flower by el frito

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