The Most Ridiculous Rope Swing, Ever

Ridiculous rope swing, Corona Arch, Moab, Utah

Ridiculous rope swing, Corona Arch, Moab, UtahIn the world of adventure sports, there are basically two people: those that like adventure sports and those that love them. The people who like them still live relatively quiet lives and take in an occasional ski trip or backpacking excursion a few times a year. Those that love adventure, live and breathe it nearly 24/7. They don’t care how they look or where they go; they seem to find excitement in just about everything they do blowing the minds of those that observe their behavior from the sidelines.

Filmmaker Devin Graham and crew took to blowing minds this week when they published what is likely the most ridiculous rope swinging video you’ll ever see. Now every able-bodied individual has probably swung on a rope at some point in their lives. Most likely it was off of a tree or small embankment along a river or lake. It was nothing spectacular but fun nonetheless. Now imagine if that lake turned out to be a canyon and the tree was the famous Corona Arch in Moab, Utah. (Oh and by the way, the rope isn’t 30 feet long, it’s 250.) Well that’s exactly how Graham’s rope swinging video went down. As you can see in the 3 shocking minutes of video below, a few individuals (who really love adventure) made themselves look like rag dolls as they swung under the arch.

I’m sure all of the fun police in the world are having a fit over the downright suicidal-like activities seen in this video. There are, of course, a lot of things that could have gone wrong, but those are the sort of risks adventure lovers enjoy taking. Personally I’m not sure I would have had the guts to try something like this, but it looks like fun regardless of the risks. With that being said, this isn’t your grandmother’s rope swing.

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