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Regardless of what your favorite outdoor activity is, all adventure enthusiasts can agree that having high-quality gear is critical to fun, safety, comfort. More often than not however, good gear often gets pretty expensive.   When I heard of a little (maybe not so much anymore) adventure-focused e-commerce start-up from California called Left Lane Sports (LLS) that offered equipment at up to 70% off the cost of retail, I definitely was intrigued.

left lane sports logoI first found out about LLS when I received a $10 off coupon through my Klout account for the site. Normally I ignore such coupons, but the associations the site had with adventure sports caused me to take a closer look. Within minutes of browsing the site, I came across a sick pair of Dragon snow goggles I ended up purchasing. With the coupon and all, I paid well below what any ski shop or other online retailer would have charged me. Since I’d rather spend money on traveling to some amazing adventure spots, I was immediately hooked on the site (Their 30-day money back return policy definitely helped!)

LLS works a lot like Gilt where you must be a member to shop. The site then offers very good, but short-lived deals on name-brand equipment and clothing that is difficult to find anywhere else for the prices you’d pay. The quantities on each of the products are limited so just because you see something in their shop one day, doesn’t mean it will be there the next.  Much of the gear is appropriately seasonal, so if you’re in the market for some new snow gear, now is a great time to shop.dragon goggles

After I made my purchase I received my item relatively quickly and in perfect condition. As a result I’m a happy customer and can’t wait to start using my new goggles. If you’re looking for some new gear for your favorite adventure sport, I would definitely recommend signing up for Left Lane Sports to start shopping for some great products.

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  1. Thank you for the great review!! We try day in and day out to offer the best service and the best products at the best price. We hope you’ll continue to check up on our daily discounted goods!

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