What If

What if “what if?” became a reality?

What if we stopped worrying about what we don’t have and focused on what we do have?

What if we embraced everything we were made to do?

What if we stopped regretting the past and really looked forward to the future?

What if more dreams became reality?

What if your dream became reality?

What if the pain and hurt each of us carry when away?

What if peace replace all conflict?

What if we found everything that we were really looking for?

What if we cared as much for hurting people as we did for our pets?

What if we made sure that no one felt lonely?

What if no one was ever ignored?

What if we all believed we could change the world?

What if we made the most of everything we had?

What if we never wasted any time?

What if we were more careful?

What if we put our very best effort into everything we did?

What if we prayed more often?

What if we truly trusted God with everything?

What if we could see beauty in everything?

What if we really believed in ourselves?

What if we stopped asking what if?

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