Who Is The Prodigy In You?

Defining a Prodigy from Elevation Church on Vimeo.

Usually when you see a blog post about “God’s Plan for X Person,” it’s an introspective article with theme along the lines of someone needing to do a better job of embracing God’s plan for their lives. If you are hoping this article will be like that, you’ll be disappointed. God’s plan for a person’s life isn’t fulfilled overnight and I’m not claiming to be some exception to that rule. I’ll simply say that there is a plan, purpose, goal… whatever you want to call it.

Maybe you, like me, have thought about what you were created to be. You have a noble dream for your life; after all, everyone does. I’m not talking about the kind where you make a lot of money, discover something revolutionary, become famous, or be idolized. I’m talking about the kind where you embrace what God really intended; really wanted for you. The only hang up is that because we have been given free will, you have to choose God’s plan over your own. That choice, only you can make. So you can be one of two people: a person who chose to fulfill the plan or a person who keeps following their own, worldly intuitions.

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