How Not to Buy a Fake iPad

Today I was perusing the Fox News website and came across an article about a 22 year-old woman in Spartanburg, South Carolina who was swindled into buying a fake iPad. Apparently this particular lady met two men at McDonald’s (who needs the Apple Store when you have the golden arches) who offered to sell her an “iPad” for $180. When she got home, she discovered that she had paid $180 for a block of wood that had been painted to look like an iPad. She had neglected to confirm whether the iPad was real before she bought it and instead took it home in a sealed FedEx box. Police are investigating the incident

fake ipad
Fake iPad: I'm Lovin' It?

I have two questions. First, was our 22 year old victim also Miss South Carolina a few years back?  Second, how stupid do you have to be to buy a device that normally sells for $500 off of some guys at McDonald’s without opening the box before you buy? This could have all been prevented if this young woman had the sense to not buy expensive things from strangers at McDonald’s and had known to open the box before buying. Assuming this woman does not have some mental disability, she could have made a better decision. But alas, we all do dumb things just like Miss South Carolina.

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