Water Droplet

Water DropletAs temperatures heat up and I start doing more and more outside, I’m reminded of how precious one of simplest substances on Earth really is. That substance, of course is water.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I was out in Red River Gorge, Kentucky doing some backpacking. Because I don’t own a water purifier, I had to carry all of the water I would need for the weekend, which would be about a gallon. My understanding is that a gallon of water weighs a little more than 8 pounds so it takes up quite a bit of mass in your pack. I’m good about not wasting water, but because of the heat of the weekend, I was going through water much faster than originally anticipated. By mid afternoon on Saturday, I knew I had to hike back several miles to where I left my car to get more water.

It was halfway through my hike when I completely ran out of water. It was pushing 90 degrees and I was walking through a very humid section of the forest with a lot of scrub and very little canopy cover. I was extremely thirsty and hoped that the next three miles of hiking would quickly pass. Even though it only took about an hour to cover that distance, dehydration was setting in and 5 minutes felt like 30.

I eventually reached the spiqot near my car, sat down, and had a very long drink before filling up my bottles. As I sat there, I thought to myself what life would be like if everyday was a struggle for one of life’s most basic and most essential items. I was grateful that I lived in a country where clean water, let alone water at all, was readily available. Then I thought of the stories and statistics I have heard in the past about the availability of water like the 800+ million people who do not have access to safe drinking water. It is truly a blessing to not have to worry about water!

I know that many of you have heard statistics about water availability around the world and have even supported organizations, like Blood Water Mission, to help alleviate this problem. Regardless of whether or not you’ve considered how lucky you are to have water be so accessible in the past, I’d encourage you to consider that fact today. We are really blessed.

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