Money Saving Tips For Men

piggy bank saving money tips

piggy bank saving money tipsWhether is craft beer, video games, sporting events, or sports cars, you have a hobby and you’re a guy who wants to spend money on it. As much as you would love to pursue your interests with all the vim and vigor in the world, money is a scare resource and your name is not Bill Gates. What’s more, you don’t want to waste money on boring things if you don’t have to.  Fortunately, I’ve put together a brief list of a few random money saving tips to help you redirect a little more coin to the things you really love.

Make your own breakfast sandwiches

I started doing this when I realized how much money I was spending on McDonalds’ bacon, egg, and cheese bagels. Just about every McDonald’s breakfast sandwich is tasty and worth the money, especially the McGriddle with its famous epic syrup-flavor-blisters, but adequate substitutes are not hard to prepare in the morning. Simply buy a pound of bacon, a package of cheese, eggs, and bagels and you’ll be ready to go. When you wake up in the morning, pop the bagel in the toaster, cook the eggs a skillet, and microwave the bacon in some paper towels. When you’ve done all of that, build your sandwich! $8 should give you about a 6 day supply of breakfast sandwiches. Compare that to buying a $3 sandwich every morning and you’ll save!

Money saved: $10 per week

Buy Gas Station Coffee

A lot of guys I know get sucked into the Starbucks scene. (I’m using Starbucks to describe all premium coffee shops) “It’s good coffee, it’s the only kind I’ll drink, blah blah blah.” Fellas, let me be straight with you. Are you really going to care what your morning coffee tasted like that afternoon? How about that night? Or the next day? The point is, taste is temporary so why not get your morning pick-me-up from a cheaper source? A lot of gas stations sell Joe for 99 cents a cup and they have all of the creamers and sugars you might possibly want. Compare that with the $2.50 coffee you used to buy and you’ll be well on your way to saving money.

Money Saved: $9 per week

Change your own oil

This one will get you bonus points with the ladies. Changing your own oil can be a great way to save money, especially if you drive a car that requires fully synthetic oil. Brush up on that owners manual that’s been collecting dust in your glove box and then head over to your local Walmart to pick up the necessary supplies. You’ll usually need a bucket of some kind to collect the old oil when you drain it out of your car. A funnel will help you get the new oil into the engine too. Depending on what you drive, you should expect to spend about $20 to $30 on supplies. Compare that with a $45 oil change at Jiffy Lube and it’s a no-brainer. Just make sure you dispose of that oil properly as you aren’t 10 years old anymore.

Money Saved: $25 per oil change

Skimp on the climate control

Cutting back on your use of air conditioning during the summer and heat during the winter can be tough to do if you live with a female, but who said that wasn’t tough anyway? If you want to save money, you have to make sacrifices. Instead of running the AC whenever it gets hotter than 80 degrees out, try only running it when it’s hotter than 85 degrees outside. When you run your heat in the winter, set your heat to 70 instead of 73. These little measures can save you big bucks. I typically save anywhere between $15 to $40 per month on my energy bill.

Money Saved: $15-40 per month

2 Replies to “Money Saving Tips For Men”

  1. That’s a great list Steve. I wish I could have a breakfast sandwich! My breakfast comes in a bar… thanks to Slim-Fast! I also agree with buying gas station coffee. The coffee at Speedway tastes the same as the coffee from Starbucks. I say that having just bought a $3 cup of Joe.

    I wish I could change my own oil, but they made the Smart so you pretty much have to have the dealership do it. It costs $90, but I only have to have it done once a year. So it’s not so bad.

    Regardless, great little blog post on saving money. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Steve!

  2. gae hill says:

    Glad to know this apple has not fallen far from my husband’s tree…so good to hear money saving principles that have caught on. Dad has hundreds more….feel free to tap that resource any time. (Just don’t buy your wife flannel jammies as an excuse for keeping the house too cold in the winter!!!!)

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