Reflecting on the Years Since 2001

I, like many others, have been thinking a lot in these last few hours following the announcement of the killing of Osama Bin Laden.  I’ve seen the images of the people partying by the White House and near Ground Zero and I’ve heard the pundits try to explain what his death means. Quite honestly I don’t feel happy enough to go out and dance with an American flag in the streets. Am I happy that our soldiers finally knocked out one of our country’s worst enemies? Yes. Am I glad that a man who turned a peaceful country into a terrifying state of religious extremes and oppression is no longer able to make an impact? Yes. But I know that he is just a small piece in this destructive mass called the sins of mankind. So while I’d like to point the finger and say look at how much worse he was than I, that mass contained me too.

So I began to think about all that has happened in the years since this manhunt began and decided to list out what was different for me back in 2001. Perhaps for my own benefit, but maybe you’ll find it interesting too.

In 2001,

  • I did not have a college degree
  • I did not have a high school diploma
  • I did not have a drivers license
  • I did not have a job
  • I was not an Eagle Scout
  • I did not have a car
  • I shared a computer with 4 other people
  • I liked playing Playstation and Gameboy
  • I had been skateboarding for less than a year
  • My grandmother was still alive
  • Michael Jordon still played basketball
  • Everyone loved Tiger Woods
  • Tony Hawk was the coolest person on the planet
  • I couldn’t buy beer
  • People used Yahoo to search for everything
  • Kazaa was everyone’s favorite service to download songs with
  • No one owned an iPod
  • Netbooks and smartphones did not exist
  • A professional basketball team played in Vancouver and a baseball team in Montreal
  • America had never had anything other than a white president
  • Social media did not exist
  • Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan were alive
  • Haitians did not live in fear of earthquakes
  • No one drove hybrids

And that’s just to name a few things.

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