Funny People Friday: The Line Jumper

Funny People Fridays: Line JumperYesterday afternoon, I witnessed a human phenomenon that boggles my mind and hopefully those of normal, considerate, and upstanding adults everywhere. I call this person the line jumper. This is the person who moves through a line to people to get something much faster than everyone else who has been waiting their turn.  It’s a behavior that is common among school children who aptly label the action as cutting in line. It’s understandable why children do it; they don’t know any better, but adults do.

This particular instance of line jumping was humorous to me. I was at a local business expo that feature a handful of restaurants serving some free food. I was standing patiently in the middle of line when all of the sudden a lady who had to have been at least 60 years old decided that she was better than everyone else in line. She walks up right next to me and proceeds to insert herself in the line. Thinking that she might have some kind of mental issue, I let it slide.  Then she made a snarky comment about how the businesses serving food should have a more visible sign. I thought to myself, “Come on lady, it’s free food, those businesses can do whatever they want!”

As time passes and I get closer to the food servers, I watch as this lady gradually creeps (appropriate for her) up further in the line. There was a couple that was directly in front of me in the line who turned around and looked for confirmation in my facial expression that this lady had jumped in front of them too. Alas, it was time for my snarky comment. I said to them, “It doesn’t matter what kind of event I go to, there’s always some adult who doesn’t think the rules of the line apply to him/her.  People are funny.”

So there you have it. The first Funny People Friday feature goes to the Line Jumper.

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  1. This is true in traffic as well. The “I’m more important than, better than, or have a more important destination than you and have to get there quicker than you” attitude is my pet peeve.

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