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Enchantment-CoverWhen I first heard of Guy Kawasaki, it was mostly through retweets of people I followed on Twitter. It seemed to me at that time that he was just another social media guru whom everyone lauded for one reason or another. Consequently, I paid little attention to him.  When stevenahill.com began last year, I was looking for ways to build links to my site and promote my content.  I came across Alltop, Guy’s content listing site, liked it a lot, and submitted my site for listing. I was approved fairly quickly and set up the site badge you see on the right.  Last December, Guy emailed me asking if I would be interested in reviewing a copy of his new book coming out, Enchantment.  I agreed, knowing that I had nothing to lose.  The book came a few weeks later in conjunction with another email from Guy making sure that I got it.  I responded to that email with confirmation as well as a request for some advice. I wasn’t sure if he would respond to it or not, (he is an extremely busy and popular guy) but I gave it a shot.  The next day I had a personal email from him in my inbox with some useful advice.  From that point on, I was enchanted.

Enchantment is not about manipulating people to get what you want and in the opening pages of his book, Guy Kawasaki makes that very clear. Enchantment, is however, all about winning the hearts and minds of people to get them on board with your cause. That cause, more specifically, “is a product, service, organization, or idea that can make the world a better place.” It may seem like a lofty and somewhat unreachable goal to try to present a road map for making the world a better place, but Kawasaki delivers a strong case for why enchantment is important and how it is used.

The book essentially functions as a how-to guide; addressing specific components of the enchantment process to hone in on.  Topics such as how to enchant your boss or how to resist enchantment are laid out well and easy to internalize. I like the fact that Enchantment isn’t a book about adjusting your attitude or demeanor. There are a lot of very popular books out there that do that and quite frankly, I think they are crap. It’s impossible to have a great attitude all the time, we’re human beings! Needless to say, Enchantment focuses on practical wisdom and examples as to how people have leveraged enchantment techniques to bring about change.

I found the book to be extremely thought provoking. It’s the type of book that I will come back to time and time again to gain insight on a particular issue that I am facing. Granted it won’t tell you how to innovate your company’s product line for the next decade. You’ll have to interpret its contents in a way that fits into your everyday life.  Regardless of your circumstances, Guy’s book is very easy to do that with. It’s just that good. Consequently, I’m very glad I read it and am honored that Guy asked me to review it for him. I would recommend it anyone who’s struggling with how to build influence and a name for his or herself.  It was very applicable to my current struggles as a young professional, so I would especially recommend it to people who are fresh out of college. There’s a lot of good material.

If you do chose to read this book, I hope that you find it as insightful as I have. Check it out on Amazon.com. If you do pick it up, please let me know what you think of it. If you’ve already read it, tell me your thoughts! Happy Enchanting!


Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki

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