DGKalis All Day

Epicly Later’d is like the History Channel of skateboarding. Each set of episodes feature a professional skateboarder who has made his own unique impact on the sport. Most recently, one of my most favorite skateboarders, Josh Kalis, was featured on Epicly Later’d.  Needless to say, it was a big treat for me.

Growing up I always loved the way Josh skated. I always thought that he had the best flip tricks in all of skateboarding. In my mind, the way he does a 360 flip or a nollie heelflip is the way it’s supposed to be done.  I remember when DC shoes released their first and only skateboarding video and Kalis had one of my favorite parts.  I was always energized by his long lines around Philly’s Love Park set to Full Clip by Gangstarr.  It was a sick video part.

I guess one of the things I liked about Kalis has been his authenticity on a skateboard. He hasn’t been one to follow the trends of skateboarding or take part in any of the gimmicks. He is truly a skater’s skater.  For that reason, he’s always been an inspiration to my skateboarding.  For that reason, check out his video part that really gets me psyched.


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