Inspiration in Winston-Salem

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I don’t talk about everyday hero’s enough and I really should.  Today I heard a story about a baseball coach who gave one of his players some much more valuable than some tips for improving his play making abilities.  Wake Forest freshman, Kevin Jordan, became sick  with Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Autoantibody vasculitis shortly after committing to the school.  Doctors eventually determined that Jordan needed kidney transplant. The only problem was that there were no eligible donors in Jordan’s family.

That’s when Demon Deacons Coach Tom Walter decided to donate his. “When we recruit our guys, we talk about family and making sacrifices for one another,” Walter told USA Today. “It is something we take very seriously. I had the support of my family, Wake Forest and my team. To me it was a no-brainer.”  The coach donated his kidney on Monday.

I think it’s truly inspiring what Walter did for his player.  It truly sets an exceptional example of what it means to function as a team and to put other people before oneself.  Congratulations Tom, you are a hero.

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  1. That’s crazy! Talk about dedication to the players you recruit. I hope the kid ends up being an all star! Thanks for sharing that, as I have never heard this story. I am sure very few people have, besides the ones that are directly effected by it. Maybe you could make it a series here on your blog. A weekly hero. Speaking of heroes, have you seen the non-profit Heroes Meeting Heroes? Check it out, they are doing some really cool things. They are actually a sponsor of my next six for six. Thanks for sharing buddy!

  2. Neat Ricky. I’ve been meaning to put together a consistent schedule for myself to be a little bit better about blogging. Maybe that could be one of the topics.

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