Domain Registry of America is a Rip Off

The other day I got a letter from the “Domain Registry of America” notifying me of the fact that my domain, is set to expire in a few months and that I can renew through them.  They stated in their letter that I could switch to them and take advantage of the “best savings.” Their renewal price? A whopping $35!

I had originally bought my domain for $8 and plan on renewing it at about that price with the same company I bought it with.  I think it is absolutely pathetic that the Domain Registry of America is trying to dupe people into spending triple what they should to renew their domain names.  I would hope that no one falls for this kind of trap, but just in case, I’d like to remind every website owner out there that if they should not be spending more than $10/year to keep the rights to a domain.  So if you’re out there and came to across this site in a search for Domain Registry of America, use some other company to register your domain! Domain Registry of America is a rip off!

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