Looking Ahead

There are a lot of people who make New Years resolutions because that’s a tradition for them. There are a lot of other people that absolutely hate the thought of them (mostly because it seems like no one ever sticks with them).  While I don’t think you necessarily need to resolve to do anything in the new year ahead, I do think that people who are blessed and live with the future in mind (i.e. not hand-to-mouth, day-to-day) should take some time to think about what may be in store for them.

Quite frankly the only way you as an individual can accomplish something is to formulate a goal and design a plan to pursue it.  Achievements aren’t spontaneous. Consider what you would like to try to do more of this year. Think about what you want to cut back on.  How will you do that?

Maybe you are starting a new job or business or are living in a new location. Maybe you have a new group of friends. Consider this: You might have ended this year thinking “Oh this year was really awesome” or “Oh this year was horrible.” How do you want to feel about 2011 on December 31st? What is it going to take for you to feel the way that you want to? Where do you want to be in this journey called life on that day? After all there are only two places you can really go: forward or nowhere at all.

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