Lesson on Closing the Sale

Having just recently moved  to a new town with little in the way of personal possessions to begin a new job, I’m in the process of making some significant purchases.  One of which was a bed that I bought today.  I would describe myself as a cautious consumer; I was raised that way. I’m okay with shopping around until I find the lowest price that will give me the most value in a product especially when the purchase is more than a month’s rent.

When I handed over my credit card to the clerk at the furniture store to pay for my new bed, I began to have a sinking feeling of having spent way too much on something.  As I drove home, I recalled a sales class I took in college and quickly figured out why I wasn’t feeling so good about my purchase.

Every good salesperson can consistently make sales. It’s simple logic really. Those that can’t, are bad salespeople.  However, I think that being a good salesperson isn’t enough.  Being a great salesperson is really what you should aim for.  What’s one of the marks of a great salesperson? The ability to make a customer feel confident and happy in their purchasing decision. The salesperson at the furniture store I went to did not do that.  He could have told me things like “You made a great decision,” “You’ll be really happy with this bed,” or “this is really a great bed.”  After all, each of these statements is opinion-based and are perfectly acceptable (and more-importantly ethical) to use in the sales process.

So what is the lesson here?  It’s this: always make sure that your customer feels good after they make a purchasing decision.  This will help build trust, the foundation for customer loyalty.  Remember, the sales process doesn’t necessarily end as soon as the customer signs their receipt.

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  1. What size bed did you get? We recently got a new bed too. Ours was free, but that’s not the point!

    You are a lot like me in the way you spend money. I have a very hard time spending money on stuff like this. I will research this stuff for weeks, sometimes months before ever making the purchase. I did that with the iPad, my new laptop, and my TV. I usually end up making the right decision, but when the dollar amount is over a few hundred bucks, I am going to be cautious. I too was raised that way. I was always raised to save more than I spent. Hence why I have never carried a balance on my credit card. I literally pay it off every single moth.

    Thanks for sharing and congratulations on the new bed. And the new job!

  2. I ended up getting a queen. Just the right size for my apartment. I wish they made them a few inches longer though. My feet are almost hanging off!

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