My Top 5 Favorite Styles in Skateboarding.

Andrew Reynolds

Skateboarding is one of those sports in which style matters more than raw performance. In the words of professional skateboarder, Rune Glifberg, “If you don’t have style, you don’t got nothing.”  I’ve been skateboarding for 10 years now, I’ve developed several relationships with pros, and I’ve had numerous interactions with businesses in the industry. In essence, skateboarding has shaped my outlook on life.  For those of you who are relatively unfamiliar with skateboarding, style refers to the physical appearance of a skateboarder as he performs a trick.  Think of Michael Jordan performing a slam dunk as an example of good style in another sport.  Style can also refer to a person’s charisma and their attire. However, for the purposes of this article I’m only focusing on physical appearance.

#5 Dan Drehobl: There isn’t a skater who is as well known for one single trick as Dan Drehobl is for his pivot fakies. He has a casual cowboy approach to skateboarding, riding bowls and halfpipes like a Sheriff on a Saturday afternoon horseback patrol ride (huh?).  Anyway, I love watching this dude skate.

Dan Drehobl executes his signature pivot to fakie.
Dan Drehobl executes his signature pivot to fakie.

#4 Andrew Reynolds: The “Boss” is well known for his perfectionism and it shows in every video part he produces. He literally will not accept a trick as a make until it is performed absolutely perfectly. I love his style because of this.

Andrew Reynolds
Andrew Reynolds does a perfect 50-50.

#3 Chris Cole: If there was a world ranking’s of skateboarders, he would be at the top of the list.  He rides a skateboard with the force and energy of an NFL cornerback. He takes highly technical tricks to their absolute limits. I’ve tried for years to mimic his style, and I just can’t seem to do it.

Chris Cole
Chris Cole

#2 Dennis Busenitz: I love this guy because he skates the steep hills of San Francisco faster than most cars drive them.  He lands most of his tricks perfectly and seems to have a lot of fun when he’s skateboarding.

dennis busenitz adidas sf
Dennis Busenitz takes on the streets of San Francisco

#1 Mark Appleyard: My favorite professional of all time. He pretty much lands everything perfect and looks very casual and relaxed on a skateboard.  He’s put out some of the most visually stunning video parts ever created.  Furthermore, he helped usher in a new era of skateboarding that stressed the importance of flipping and landing very technical tricks in near perfect fashion.

Mr. Style himself, Mark Appleyard

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  1. Great post Steve. I do not nor have I ever been on a skateboard (look at me, do you think I could succeed) but I appreciate those who do and are good at it. Your passion for skateboarding is obvious. I might compare your passion for skateboarding to my passion for golf. Thanks for sharing; stay safe!

  2. I think you could succeed Ricky. If you’re planning on living in Hawaii, you ought to consider investing in a cruiser board (skateboard with big, soft wheels) to get around town. Shaka brah.

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