Liquid Mountaineering: Innovation in movement

liquid mountaineering

EDIT: There are few things I hate more than when someone makes a fool out of me.  Unfortunately that is exactly what happened with this story.  My friend Kris saw this video as well and decided to dig a little deeper. He found out that the video was actually a hoax put on by Hi-Tec to generate some buzz for their brand. They had actually built a small platform just below the water to run across, so the people in this video would appear as though they were running across water.  I fell for it, thinking that they were actually onto something. Stupid me.  Needless to say, the campaign did encourage me to look at Hi-Tec products.  But since I learned that it was a fake video, my positive view of Hi-Tec transformed into a negative view.  I my opinion, it’s one thing to tease customers’ interest with exaggerated commercials ( like Old Spice has). It’s a whole different ball game when you deceive consumers.  So will I ever buy a Hi-Tec product? I seriously doubt it.

Innovation isn’t limited to high tech startups.  Anyone can be innovative if they put some effort into it and that’s exactly what Sebastian Vanderwerf, Miguel Delfortie, and Ulf Gartner did.  The European trio have developed a new sport of running on water called Liquid Mountaineering (as seen in the video below), that most people have only dream of trying.  They have successfully documented that when armed simply with a wetsuit and a pair of water proof sneakers, one can run across water.

They have discovered that when you run along a slight curve with a stride that mimics a sewing machine needle, you can make across several meters of water before losing momentum and falling in.  It’s really quite an amazing activity to me. One that I would love to go out and try if it weren’t for the fact that its November.  I’ve got to give Sebastian, Miguel, and Ulf credit, they accomplished something really amazing. And even picked up a few sponsors like Hi-Tec too.

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