Convergence of Creative Forms

bluntslide thumb

Creativity has various forms and is completely dictated by one’s perception and ability.  In skateboarding there are essentially two forms of creative expression; the act of skateboarding and the capturing of the act either through photograph or video.  Most of the time I’m expressing creativity on the board, but every once and a while, I will do so from behind the lens.  These gentlemen are all good friends of mine and graciously lent their creative abilities so that I could use mine.  I hope you enjoy some of these photographs.

frontside bluntslide

frontside boardslide handrail

frontside nosegrind ledge color

frontside nosegrind ledge

ollie rail

2 Replies to “Convergence of Creative Forms”

  1. Those are some great shots man. I tried to skateboard once. It didn’t work out too well. Ever since I have decided to keep my feet on the ground!

  2. Thanks. You just have to find what you love and go for it. Some people love flying more than others.

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