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pilot penThe other day I came across a very cool site built by the folks at Pilot pens.  The site, pilothandwriting.com, allows you to turn your actual handwriting into digital text. All you have to do is print off a simple template from the site, fill it out with each letter of the alphabet, take a picture of it or scan it, and then upload it to the site.  The template is then processed and your handwriting is turned into digital text.  Unfortunately you can’t create a font and use it in programs like Microsoft Word, but you can create handwritten messages and send them to your friends.  I tried out the site myself and wrote the message you see below.

Pilot Pens Handwriting for stevenahill.com

I can’t help but think that this is a great marketing tool for Pilot pens.  Instead of trying to fight the inevitable change that the internet age has brought upon us, the pen manufacturer has embraced web marketing and created something people will find fun and valuable.  Even though I’m a tightwad and only use promotional pens, I’d be willing to be that quite a few people who use this site will choose Pilot over another brand the next time they go pen shopping.  Check out the site for yourself and create your own handwritten piece.

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  1. I have seen several sites like this. I would try them, but you might not want to see what my hand writing looks like! I type so much, and write so little, I would rather go to a site like http://www.dafont.com and download a script font! If that message there is truly your handwriting, well done sir!

  2. Yes, that is actually my handwriting! Well minus the apostrophes but it’s still a fun tool to play around with.

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