Do you flip?

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Flip Video LogoI am extremely fond of my Flip Ultra HD camera.  Why? Because it’s a darn good piece of equipment.  The pocket-sized camera shoots visually pleasing 720p HD video, has storage space for 2 hours of video, and a 7 hour battery life. Yet the features really don’t sell me as much as the simplicity of the device does.  The Flip camera has just five buttons; on/off, record, play, delete, and zoom.  To download footage on to your computer, you simply plug the camera in and click import.  To edit the footage, you just use a basic editing program like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.  My point is that it doesn’t get any easier to create good quality videos.

Although I regularly sing Cisco Systems‘ praises through my Twitter account, I wanted to recognize how smart they have been with the creation of this camera.  I’m a skateboarder, and like most who share my passion, I regularly film the tricks my friends and I do.   For the longest time if you wanted to go film you had to lug around a rather bulky (and expensive) camcorder that you often had to worry about getting stolen.  Now with the Flip, you can go out filming and stick the camera in your pocket when you are ready to move on.  Once you are done filming for the day, you can go home and quickly edit and share the video with your buddies who anxiously await to see the footage.  When I’m not skateboarding with my friends, I’ve also found my Flip camera very useful in filming lectures and presentations at school, “viral” videos, and even interesting things I see in my daily affairs.

The most important aspect of the camera, is that it has made creative expression through digital video very easy to do.  The most  successful companies and individuals in the world have found ways to make their lives and the lives of others easier and more efficient.  The Flip video camera is one of those products that has made my life a little better.  So if you’re looking for a new video camera, I’d highly recommend you check out the Flip.

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  1. I feel like the flip became obsolete with the iPhone 4 and other smart phones that support HD video. In personal experience with the iPhone’s video camera, the quality is incredible (you can see examples on my blog). I think the one advantage to having a flip camera is the sturdyness of the camera and the ability to use it as a dedicated device for shooting film, rather than having a camera as an additional feature to a phone.

  2. Thank you for the comment Tarun.

    I think the major differentiation factor Cisco can push with the Flip is really quite simple. The iPhone, obviously requires you to have cell phone service where as the Flip does not. This makes it much easier for a company that regularly utilizes cameras for whatever reason, to purchase a Flip and comfortably share it amongst its employees. Rather than supplying iPhone’s for every employee, a company can buy one Flip camera and easily use it around the work place.

  3. Marc Leary says:

    When my twins were born 16 months ago, I wanted to have a brand new camcorder to save all the beautiful moments with them. I have no idea if there were FLIP in the marketplace at the time, but nobody had told me regarding it. Therefore i bought another video camera but I had a hard time to convert the videos on my Computer in order to see them and I weren’t able to share any videos together with my family and friends. And I thought it was small! Today I’ve the actual FLIP and this is the greatest! I really like my FLIP! It’s simple to use and we were surprised about the quality of the videos! I just wish I had had it earlier!

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