Living an Inspired Life

Martin Luther King Jr. Speech Washington D.C.

An inspired live is all about breaking the proverbial cycle.  That cycle looks different for everyone.  For some it may mean leaving a life of poverty; for others it means quitting an addictive behavior.  Our stories and struggles are unique, but that doesn’t mean that the general way we approach changing things up has to be as well.

I’ve found that it’s impossible to break a cycle on our own in one fell swoop.  If a single event causes a paradigm shift, it’s almost always cataclysmic.  The US’s entry into World War 1 is a simple classic example of this type of shift.  The US had never previously been involved with global warfare, however attacks on US naval interests necessitated a shift from a rather stoic and reserved foreign policy to one that would have the country actively engaged in global events indefinitely.  In essence, it was a big change caused by a big event.  Yet, as I said before, that kind of change is impossible to replicate in our own lives on our own.

So how do you break a cycle?  I believe it begins with changing our routines; doing unusual things that eliminate the repetitiveness in our lives.  If you are road runner who is feeling unmotivated to go out for a jog but has a marathon to train for, how about you trail run instead?  If you’re a writer who’s having trouble expressing yourself in a new article, illustrate your thoughts for a change.  If you’re a businessman who can’t find any new clients at the networking events you religiously attend, try volunteering at a community festival and meet new people there.

In my opinion breaking a cycle is a step process.  You must first recognize that there is something going wrong or something you don’t like in your life.  Then you must decide to act in a different way than you have previously.  Change things up a bit, tweak your environment, be a little odd.  Once you have acted, you must let that action influence your life going forward.  Finally you must repeat those steps again and again and again.  The only way you can ever hope to break a cycle is to make small, calculated changes and let them accumulate.

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