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  • Fairness

    A photo by Austin Neill. unsplash.com/photos/ZahNAl_Ic3o

    Fairness is balance without weight. In its true form, it creates a frictionless environment where things like peace can thrive. Similarly humans desire fairness in a similar way to how they desire peace. Flaws in character do make it difficult to create fairness and selfishness often appears instead. However, when fairness exists, everyone can thrive.

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  • Discipline


    Discipline is the commitment to a predetermined course. This course is an action or series of actions that take a person from one place or state to another. Discipline can be strengthened so that it begins to appear habitual for those who display it. Despite this appearance, discipline remains a choice for each and every […]

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  • Frustration


    Frustration is the set or series of feelings and sensory triggers experienced when the world fails to function in the way that we expect it to. Often times peace is absent and freedom seems elusive. Over time, frustration can be mitigated and compartmentalized more effectively thanks to experience and maturity.

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  • Freedom


    The prequel to decisions, actions, and definitions is freedom. Before every single choice, there is a moment of freedom. That moment allows the choice to take root and provide a path to follow. Freedom is derived from original creation. Many believe that it is God who bestows freedom, while others say that freedom exists by […]

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  • Character


    Character is what is displayed when a person is faced with a situation that calls for action. The action required usually isn’t routine or formulaic however it can been a product of that person’s past experiences and their values which have significant influence on the situation. The situations are often challenging in nature. Character isn’t […]

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  • Ambition


    Ambition is the energy that fuels a core pursuit. This energy is not transferable to another person or thing. The source of ambition is unknown. Some believe it is self manufactured, others say it is triggered by an avalanche of events, and others believe it is bequeathed by a divine source. Yet this energy we call ambition […]