Optimizing for Google RankBrain: Hype Versus Reality

google rankbrain seoOne of the hottest topics of discussion in the world of search marketing is Google’s RankBrain machine learning system. Google recently confirmed that it uses RankBrain in all search queries it handles (2+ trillion per year) and that it ranks anywhere from the most important to third most important factor in ranking results for a given query. Outside of those facts, there’s very little about the system that’s set in stone, at least to those of us working outside of the walls of Google. Consequently many SEOs are asking how to optimize for it, which is where the discussion seems to spiral into a whirlwind of hype and speculation. So how do we react to the increasing presence in the search landscape without falling victim to the hype and making a bigger deal of something that really might not be a big deal? Continue reading

My 6-Month-Long Fitbit Review

Several years ago I was declaring my disdain for “wearable technology” seeing it as complete information overload and jewelry for people lacking the self motivation to take care of themselves. Yet last fall I was won over by Fitbit’s simplicity, popularity, and upbeat marketing, so my wife’s Christmas present to me was a Charge HR. The device promised to track your heart rate, steps you take, miles you cover, calories you burn, and of course, the time. Seeing as Fitbit is really the first company to have punching weight in the wearable tech industry without producing other devices (a la Apple, Garmin, Samsung, etc), putting them to the test was an interesting experience. I’ve essentially worn my Charge HR nonstop since Christmas. The only exception has been in the shower as the device isn’t waterproof. With that six month sample set in mind, here’s my Fitbit Charge HR review.

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Christian Celebrity: The Futile Attempt to Reconcile Faith With Fame

I was introduced to Tullian Tchividjian’s message back in 2013. At that time I was dealing with some significant disappointment in my life and needed a spiritual course correction. I took the unoriginal path of buying a few books to read, one of which was Tullian’s Glorious Ruin. Upon reading the book I found his message of the freedom found in God’s inexhaustible grace to be a catalyst for spiritual growth in my life. I then checked out his sermon podcasts and quickly became engrossed in his content. While I wouldn’t say I idolized Tullian, he was certainly influential enough to cause me to tell others to check him out. Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Google’s Upcoming Adwords Enhancements are Great News For Global Marketers

Google announced several major Adwords enhancements last Tuesday that are sure to revolutionize marketing on the platform. Here’s my take on three that have the greatest opportunity for global-minded marketers.
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How To Build Your Pay Per Click Marketing Muscle Memory

Successful PPC management isn’t a product of luck, high-end software (sorry, Marin), or a huge team of people. It’s derived from immersion. Results come as a product of a deep understanding of the campaigns, how they interact with the marketplace (essentially a finger on the pulse), and a feel for the impact potential changes would have on the account. Regardless of the product, service or company being marketed, these capabilities take months, if not years, of PPC management experience to refine and master. Continue reading

Instagram’s New Monetization Push

Yesterday Instagram announced a change to the way posts are displayed marking a move away from a chronological user experience to one that is algorithm based. If you’re a user of the platform, you start to see what Instagram deems important to you first, rather than seeing what was posted most recently. Continue reading