Instagram’s New Monetization Push

Yesterday Instagram announced a change to the way posts are displayed marking a move away from a chronological user experience to one that is algorithm based. If you’re a user of the platform, you start to see what Instagram deems important to you first, rather than seeing what was posted most recently. Continue reading

Using Heat Maps For Better Visibility of Your Website Visitors

As search engine algorithms continue to adjust and place a greater and greater emphasis on user experience, the need for robust insight into how human beings, not robots or spiders, interact with the websites they visit. For many website owners, it can be difficult or intimidating to collect the information needed to gain true insight into their sites’ effectiveness. Focus groups, eye tracking studies and user surveys are great at collecting this type of information but they have several drawbacks. Cost is typically a concern as it can be difficult to generate participation without some sort of financial incentive. User bias also comes into play for people who know that they have influence over the user experience. Continue reading

Quick Tip: Harness the Buyer’s Journey for Better Search Marketing

Don’t think search marketing is an essential influencing factor of consumer behavior? Think again.

Once a consumer begins experiencing a pain point, they begin researching possible solutions. This particular step in the buying journey is known as the consideration or research stage. While consumers have been turning to outside sources for product information for a long time, search engines with their accessible product specs, reviews, and more, have revolutionized this stage of making a purchase. In fact, a staggering 72% of consumers turn to Google for their research. Continue reading

Welcome to the Dawn of Micro Moment Marketing

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of attending Search Marketing Expo (SMX) Advanced in Seattle. There were a ton of great speakers sharing the latest industry trends, best practices, and more. One of the most memorable discussions at SMX centered around micro-moments, fragmented snippets of consumer behavior lived out when people turn to their nearest devices to solve immediate needs. Continue reading

Going International: Translate Your Content For Better Website Performance

Technology has made international commerce more agile than ever before. An event planner in Atlanta can easily order wine from a vineyard in Italy and have it shipped to a conference in London. An auto mechanic in Switzerland can order parts from a manufacturer in Mexico and have them sent to Toronto. These transactions and many more like them, were once complex logistical challenges but now can be handled in just a few clicks on a website. Many businesses have invested the resources to make international business as seamless as technology permits, but for many, one major challenge remains: Language. Continue reading

5 Tips: Unlocking New Meaning for Keywords

The constant evolution of digital marketing necessitates regular revision of what we define as a keyword. In the past, keywords referred to basic phrases that captured a theme someone might find interesting. If you recall the early days of AOL, well-known companies promote their “keyword” to help you find your content on that platform (Ironically not too dissimilar to the way hashtags are used today). Continue reading